‘Zero Trust’ Turns 10

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John Kindervag Reflects on His Creation and Today’s Broad Adoption

John Kindervag, field CTO, Palo Alto Networks

The “zero trust” network architecture model is 10 years old now – and suddenly more relevant than ever. How does John Kindervag, the creator of zero trust, feel about his “baby” today, and what advice does he give to organizations looking to adopt the model?

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In a video interview with Information Security Media Group, Kindervag discusses:

  • The origins of zero trust;
  • What’s most misunderstood about the model today;
  • Advice on how to separate zero trust strategy from snake oil.

Kindervag is the field CTO at Palo Alto Networks, where he advises organizations on how to solve their toughest cybersecurity challenges, including best practices in the design and building of zero trust networks. Previously, he worked at Forrester Research, where he was a vice president and principal analyst on the security and risk team. He’s also previously served as a security consultant, penetration tester and security architect.

Be sure to check out ISMG’s Virtual Cybersecurity Summit dedicated to zero trust.

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