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Mobile devices have infiltrated our modern lifestyle. Our dependency on smart phones and tablets is not only limited to our homes. Businesses are dependent on these devices than ever before. Smart features along with excellent user experience assist businesses in every aspect. Emails, documents, slides, marketing and enhanced connectivity delivered by mobile devices is adding tremendous value to businesses across the globe.

However, this facility has a serious security cost. Mobile devices carried by employees are usually not governed by organisational policies or protected by security controls. These devices provide the weakest link to organisation’s network and infrastructure. BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices), white-listing and complete ban on mobile devices are some of the ways through which organisations reduce the risk pose by mobile devices. Security risks introduced by mobile devices cannot be mitigated by legacy security controls.


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A comprehensive need assessment of mobile security controls must be conducted to fulfil the business requirements of mobile devices. IT provides a broad range of services to ensure usage of mobile devices is in line with business objectives.

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If you’d like to work with us to help establish or improve your mobile security system, please get in touch with us today. Or, whilst you’re here, why not have a look at our other services in this category?


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