Using Digital IDs to Fight Financial Fraud

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IIF’s Matthew Ekberg Describes Benefits of Digital IDs

Matthew Ekberg, senior policy advisory at The Institute of International Finance

The Institute of International Finance, a global association of financial institutions, is focusing on strategies for using digital identification and machine learning to combat financial crime, says Matthew Ekberg, a senior policy adviser at the institute.

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“Digital ID really has the ability to facilitate remote identification, client onboarding and client maintenance and has particular benefits for conducting due diligence in an effective manner,” Ekberg says.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Ekberg also discusses:

  • The role of public/private partnerships in the fight against fraud;
  • New technologies the institute is leveraging for fighting financial crime;
  • Policies formulated to keep a check on financial crime.

Ekberg is senior policy adviser for regulatory affairs at the Institute of International Finance. He is responsible for leading regulatory engagement on matters concerning standards of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision BCBS, the Financial Stability Board FSB, the Financial Action Taskforce and regional and national banking supervisory authorities in the policy areas of capital, liquidity, cross-border resolution planning and financial crime.

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