Tracking Card-Not-Present Fraud and Chargebacks

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Erika Dietrich of ACI Worldwide Analyzes Card Payment Trends

Erika Dietrich, vice president, global risk services, ACI Worldwide

Erika Dietrich of the payments system company ACI Worldwide analyzes statistics on how card-not-present transactions, fraud and chargebacks have changed this year, compared to last year.

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In a video interview with Information Security Media Group, Dietrich discusses:

  • The latest payment and fraud trends;
  • The reasons for a lag between online fraud and chargeback data;
  • The growth of e-commerce transactions for retailers;

As vice president, global risk services, at ACI Worldwide, Dietrich leads a global team of certified fraud prevention analysts in six countries who service thousands of hosted merchants’ and financial institutions’ fraud prevention strategies.

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