The SASE Model: What’s Driving Adoption?

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Gartner’s Rajpreet Kaur Offers Implementation Tips

Rajpreet Kaur, senior principal analyst, Gartner

The need for enhanced business agility and secure remote access to support digital transformation has led to the adoption of the security access service edge, or SASE, model, says Rajpreet Kaur, senior principal analyst at Gartner.

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In this video interview, Kaur discusses how SASE helps in binding the user’s identity to the data context, the location and the types of devices used to access the data to establish user authentication. She offers insights on:

  • How SASE-based identity-centric architecture works in an enterprise;
  • Factors security teams need to evaluate when considering SASE adoption;
  • How SASE enables digital transformation.

Kaur, a principal analyst for infrastructure protection at Gartner, helps IT leaders resolve network security issues across hybrid environments. Her research focuses on network security technologies. She also focuses on emerging markets and helps clients review their security architecture to identify any technology gaps.

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