The Role of Satellites in Quantum Key Distribution

Could satellites play a role in distributing next-generation encryption keys? Robert Bedington, CTO and co-founder at Singapore-based SpeQtral, describes quantum communications via satellites in this in-depth interview with Information Security Media Group.

Quantum communications protects information channels against eavesdropping, he explains. “Space-based quantum key distribution is a method for delivering incredibly secure symmetric encryption keys to anywhere in the globe,” he says.

Space-based quantum communication requires optical ground stations, he adds. “You have to make sure that no one is having any backdoors into your [station]. You need to trust the satellite system you are working with.”

In this interview (see audio link below image), Bedington also discusses:

  • How quantum communications ensures security;
  • What role space-based quantum key distribution could eventually play;
  • Security threats to be taken into account.

Bedington is CTO and co-founder of the SpeQtral, a company commercializing satellite quantum-proof key distribution. Previously he worked as a JSPS fellow at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and obtained his PhD from University College London.

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