Secret Service Agent Offers Cybercrime-Fighting Insights

Christopher Leone, assistant special agent in charge, United States Secret Service, offers advice to organizations on forging relationships with law enforcement as part of their cybersecurity incident preparedness plans.

“If organizations continue to push employee awareness, partnerships with law enforcement and timely communication, we can get ahead of this [cybercrime],” Leone stresses. For example, if organizations that have money stolen in a business email compromise attack promptly alert law enforcement, he says, “there’s a good chance we can successfully pull that money back due to our relationships with the financial sector.”

In an interview with Information Security Media Group (see audio link below photo), Leone discusses how:

  • The Secret Service is updating its cyber fraud unit;
  • The agency is pooling its collective cyber expertise;
  • Businesses can work better with law enforcement to investigate and respond to cybercrimes.

Leone began his career with the United States Secret Service in 1999, after serving as a U.S. Customs Inspector in the Port of Boston. In 2019, he was promoted to assistant special agent in charge at the Office of Investigations to serve a liaison role with the Department of Homeland Security and assist in supporting a new initiative with the Joint Cyber Coordination Group.

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