Resident Evil 3 remake headlines a handful of PS4 announcements

Capcom will be bringing an HD remake of 1999’s Resident Evil 3 to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3.

The “completely reimagined” take on the game, revealed during Sony’s “State of Play” livestream this morning, presents a similar presentational overhaul to the Resident Evil 2 remake that Capcom released earlier this year. That title shipped 3 million copies in its first week and 4 million in a little over a month, pretty much guaranteeing a followup would be in the cards. A short trailer for the remake features franchise regular Jill Valentine running through cramped hallways and struggling with the implications of the now-rampant zombie outbreak.

RE3 purchasers will also get access to “Resident Evil: Resistance,” a 4-on-1 online multiplayer battle mode previously known as Project Resistance. Preorders, starting today, will come with a “classic costume pack” for the game’s main characters.

Other announcements made during Sony’s last video presentation of the year:

  • Platinum Games is working on a new hack-and-slash game called Babylon’s Fall, which looks like it combines the action of a Devil May Cry game with the crumbling medieval setting of a Dark Souls. More information is promised for “next summer,” suggesting this one is pretty far from an actual release.
  • A new trailer for Paper Beasts, the PSVR title from Out of This World creator Eric Chahi, highlighted a sandbox mode where you can alter terrain and interact with the titular animals traipsing around it. The game is promised for Q1 2020.
  • Switch indie hit Untitled Goose Game will be coming to the PS4 next week.
  • Size-manipulation first-person puzzle game Superliminal will be coming to PS4 next year following an Epic Games Store PC release last month.
  • Spellbreak, a magic-themed, role-playing, high-flying online battler, will enter closed beta on PS4 in spring 2020. The game is already available on Windows via a closed beta test.
  • Media Molecule’s online world-building toolkit Dreams will finally come out of a long beta test to full release on February 14, 2020.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 will get an expansion called “ReMind” on January 23. The story-filled trailer seems utterly incomprehensible to anyone who hasn’t been immersed in the series for over a decade (and may well be to those people, too).
  • Long-planned feudal samurai game Ghost of Tsushima got a short new teaser trailer, with more footage promised for The Game Awards later this week.
  • Asymmetrical multiplayer title Predator: Hunting Grounds, based on the popular movie franchise, is due April 24, 2020.
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