QuickSand.io in depth

In addition to our Cryptam tool. We created QuickSand.io, a fast C document forensics tool which can conduct cryptanalysis attacks on some XOR ciphers. QuickSand is a CLI, a C Library, and can be wrapped in a web interface.

QuickSand has a lot more user-customizable attack options for special cases while keeping the default analysis as fast as possible.


Known exploits are scanned used embedded Yara, document streams are decoded – hex, base 64, zip, gzip. We don’t handle PDF streams – you’ll still need PDFExaminer.com for that.

Finding Embedded exe’s

XOR+Rol from 20-10 bytes are found instantly with the default cryptanalysis attack.

Optional attacks

XOR Lookahead – where the current byte is xored with the following byte.
Math ciphers – +1 to +255 (equivalent to -1 to -255).
Bitwise not
Brute force 1 byte xor – for when null space is not replaced.
Odd XOR lengths

Example odd xor length:

This sample contains an exe obfuscated with a 21 byte XOR key:
./quicksand.out malware/112c64f7c07a959a1cbff6621850a4ad-2.virus -s 21 -e 50000
 -0> root {3}

  -1> xor {3}

More to follow.

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