Profiles in Leadership: Adam Glick, CISO, Rocket Software

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Insights on Training, Recruitment and How to Get the Most Out of Your Current Tools

Adam Glick, vice president, CISO, Rocket Software

There’s a saying at Rocket Software: “Legacy powers legendary.” As vice president and CISO, Adam Glick uses training, technology and recruitment to get similar performance from his ever-evolving cybersecurity team.

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In addition to his role at Rocket, Glick is a founding chair adviser for the CyberEdBoard Global Community.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, he discusses:

  • The CISO role, responsibilities and must-have skills;
  • His approach to training and the tech stack;
  • How – and where – he looks for the next generation of security leadership.

Before becoming CISO at Rocket Software in Waltham, Massachusetts., Glick was the vice president of cyber risk for Brown Brothers Harriman, where he focused on program, policy, controls, threat intelligence and incident response. Prior to this role, he was the vice president of information technology and information security officer for Century Bank. He now serves as an adjunct professor at Boston College in the cybersecurity policy and governance program and as an adjunct professor of IT in the MBA program at the School of Business at Providence College.

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