New infosec products of the week: December 13, 2019

IBM Security adds AI features to its Cloud Identity solution

IBM Cloud Identity now features AI-based adaptive access capabilities that help continually assess employee or consumer user risk levels when accessing applications and services. The solution escalates suspicious user interactions for further authentication, while those identified as lower risk are “fast tracked” so they can access applications and services they need.

infosec products December 2019

STEALTHbits launches Privileged Activity Manager with zero standing privilege architecture

STEALTHbits Privileged Activity Manager is a next generation Privileged Access Management solution that seeks to not just control privileged accounts, but effectively reduce the quantity of them altogether using a variety of modern techniques, such as the use of ephemeral accounts and a just-in-time (JIT), just-enough privilege (JEP) approach to privileged access.

infosec products December 2019

ClearDATA Comply: A SaaS solution for automated healthcare cloud compliance

Comply provides healthcare organizations direct access to the cloud with automated compliance and remediation, as well as a real-time compliance dashboard, facilitating rapid adoption of cloud services with peace of mind. Combined with ClearDATA’s cloud services expertise and deep understanding of complex healthcare compliance frameworks like HIPAA and GDPR, Comply is designed to streamline compliance by automatically enforcing technical controls according to different standards and regulations across multiple cloud services thereby achieving and maintaining a compliant posture.

infosec products December 2019

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Containers: A CASB and CSPM integrated security platform

Leveraging NanoSec’s zero trust application visibility and control capabilities for container-based deployments in cloud environments, McAfee MVISION Cloud for Containers provides customers with the ability to speed up application delivery while enhancing the governance, compliance and security of their container workloads.

infosec products December 2019

Spirent launches C200 appliance, a security and application performance testing solution

Enabling industry-leading 100G and Crypto performance testing, the C200 represents a significant expansion of the Spirent CyberFlood security and application performance testing solution family. An all-in-one solution, the C200 packs the full capabilities of CyberFlood into a quint-speed appliance that uses only 1U of rack space. Available immediately, the C200 provides carrier-class performance for applications, attacks and cryptographic testing.

infosec products December 2019

Kanguru launches a new biometric fingerprint access flash drive

This biometric fingerprint access flash drive supplants the bulky pinpads and fussy combo keypads of leading encrypted devices. With just a tap of the finger, the new Kanguru Defender Bio-Elite30 Fingerprint Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive provides quick access to encrypted files.

infosec products December 2019

Yubico launches latest version of its Authenticator mobile application for iOS

Yubico Authenticator now extends support for near field communication (NFC) on iOS, delivering tap-and-go flexibility in addition to authentication over a Lightning connection. The Yubico Authenticator App series now works seamlessly across all major desktop and mobile platforms, with full support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

infosec products December 2019

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