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Sednit aka Fancy Bear used Flash Player exploits in cyberattacks [RU] link
E2EE in modern messengers: [15.07.16] [Geekbrains] [RU] link
Messengers security, E2EE: [28.06.16] [Gazeta.RU] [RU] link
Nemucod + TeslaCrypt campaign: [22.03.16] [Gizmodo India] [ENG] link
Apple v FBI story: [29.02.16] [Gazeta.RU] [RU] link
Most impressive hack stories of 2015: [12.12.15] [Gazeta.RU] [RU] link
I’m talking about “post-post-Snowden era”: [19.11.15] [Gazeta.RU] [RU] link
Turla uses satellites for C&C hosting: [10.9.15] [Vzglyad] [RU] link

About Russian footprints in the malware code: [08.09.15] [Vedomosti] [RU] link
Detection of the source of state-sponsored cyberattacks: [09.04.15] [Gazeta.RU] [RU] link
FREAK OpenSSL flaw: [04.03.15] [Lenta] [RU] link
State-sponsored cyberattacks, cyberweapon, Wassenaar arrangements: [17.02.15] [RIA] [RU] link
How Windows was exploited in 2014: [09.01.15] [ENG] [ZDNet] link
2014 year cybersecurity surface review: [10.12.14] [Lenta] link
Sednit cybergroup & air-gapped malware: [19.11.14] [Vedomosti] [RU] link
My comment about Zeus trojan creator: [03.06.14] [RBC] link
Cyberattack on eBay: [23.05.14] [Gazeta.RU] link

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