My Memorial Day: Pulled Pork and Cigars

It’s a 3 day weekend that traditionally announces the beginning of summer. And Monday is the day that we memorialize those who have given their lives in our wars. I’ll do two things I have been doing for years this weekend.

First, I will drink some great Scotch and smoke a great cigar. This year the Scotch is 16 year old Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition that my wife bought me this Christmas. It’s a great Scotch, love the complexity and peat flavors in it. And I will smoke an Ave Maria Immaculata, which Tim Blythe at Cigar.Com says is a serious contender for cigar of the year. This seems like an unbeatable combination and is my personal way to salute my brothers who did not come home.

Second, I am going to cook a pork shoulder. I’m going to slow cook it at 225 degrees on the grill until it is falling to pieces. Then I’m going to pull it so that it can be used to make pulled pork sammiches. There will be home made coleslaw, several different BBQ sauces, beer and wine, too. I like my pork with no bread at all. I just pile the pork on my plate, layer coleslaw on top of it, and then some BBQ sauce (my personal favorite is a Carolina mustard sauce). Then dig in.

And that is how I plan to celebrate Memorial Day on Monday.

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