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Physical security is essential in establishing and sustaining a comprehensive security posture. Physical access control, monitoring, guards, access cards, walls, walk through gates, biometrics and many other controls fall in the category of physical security. Without restricting physical access, logical and administrative controls are of no use. Massive use of portable devices has elevated the need of physical security. More than 25% of security breaches occur because of lost or stolen storage devices or laptops.

Some examples of physical security are:


You need a way to know who goes in and out and when. Logbooks, authentication systems and cameras are great measures.

Locked server rooms

Having policies in place requiring the server room doors be locked any time the room is unoccupied., will protect sensitive data.

protected portables

Laptops and handheld devices can easily be stolen. Taking them home or locking them away can prevent theft.

locked valuables

It's not just the servers you have to worry about. A hacker can plug a laptop into a hub and capture data.

Transform the way you secure your business provides gap assessment, audit and consultancy services to assist you in establishing an effective physical security stance. We can help you achieve compliance against requirements of physical security of various information security standards. We can also provide you sincere advice regarding your physical security expenditures to deliver maximum value to your business.

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The importance of physical security is also stressed in various security standards. PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and various other security standards demand stringent physical security controls to complement other controls. The key objective of physical security is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of organisation’s assets. 

The key assets of any business are:

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