Live Webinar | Watching the Watchers: Identifying & Responding to Insider Threats

Joe Partlow

CTO, ReliaQuest

Partlow is the CTO of ReliaQuest, a leading Information Security services provider. Joe currently overseas all new research and development efforts and new product initiatives. Joe has been involved with Infosec in some capacity or role for over 20 years, mostly on the defensive side but always impressed by offensive tactics. Current projects and interests include data analytics at scale, forensics, threat, security metrics & automation, red/purple teaming and artificial intelligence. Outside of Information Security, Joe has led or been involved in many other areas of the business including Web Development, Business Intelligence, Database Administration, Project Management, IT and Operations. Joe has experience in many different business verticals including retail, healthcare, financial, state/local government and the Department of Defense. He is also a regular speaker and contributor at security conferences, groups and associations. Joe has a degree in Computer Information Systems and holds many industry-specific certifications.

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