Live Webinar | The New Cloud IAM

Governance & Risk Management , Identity & Access Management , Identity Governance & Administration

Live Webinar | The New Cloud IAM

Employees and customers don’t care where the application or resource they need access to is located, or what different mechanisms are required to ensure security and privacy. They just want access to be intuitive and trustworthy. Developers need simple hooks into the solutions they are building to allow them to integrate IAM at every step, not just bolt it on at the end of the project.

Organizations therefore need to offer a broad range of access and governance functions to their employees, IT staff and clients. This can be delivered from an “IDaaS” platform that satisfies all requirements from simple enrollment, cloud or on-prem app access, adaptive risk based access, continuous authentication and simple integration.

Register for this live webinar and learn how organizations are adapting to:

  • The consumerization of IT
  • Privacy as an overriding concern
  • An increasingly remote workforce

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