Live Webinar | How to Manage Your Third-Party Risk

3rd Party Risk Management , Governance & Risk Management

Live Webinar | How to Manage Your Third-Party Risk

Businesses must address third party risk or face the loss of hundreds of millions in third party data breaches. While exchanging information with organizations is the lifeblood of business, once data leaves your hands, it takes its own journey through your third parties and their suppliers, and so on. Your data is moved, copied, modified, forwarded, copied once again — widely distributed beyond your enterprise perimeter, your visibility, and your controls.

Businesses need the tools and techniques to support their security initiatives defending data outside their corporate perimeter, especially given the average number of parties with whom an enterprise shares sensitive information is 583, according to the Ponemon Institute. Addressing data breaches outside your company is vital to managing your third-party digital risk.

Register & attend this webinar to learn:

  • The breadth and implication of third-party data leaks
  • What digital risk protection tools and techniques are available
  • How to prevent and manage data leaks

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