Live Webinar: Cyber Recovery in the Age of Ransomware

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Live Webinar: Cyber Recovery in the Age of Ransomware

Many companies have already been hit by a ransomware attack- or will be. Technically astute hackers continue their ability to infiltrate ransomware so much, that Ransomware as a Service is now available on the darknet. In today’s hyper connected world, it could be only a matter of time until ‘something’ happens. How are you modernizing your cyber resilience strategy? Have you made provisions with technology that adapts to the ever-changing approaches of modern attacks? What is your plan to recover when your catalogs, directories, AD, etc. are locked-down with ransomware?

Whether it is phishing, ransomware or insider attacks, the sophistication and intensity of modern cyber threats can make it difficult to keep up. In fact, attacks are routinely targeting back-up systems — even “secure” back-ups.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Evolve your security strategy (It is all about data management)
  • Take the economic incentive away from cyberhackers
  • Reduce your attack surface

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