Live Webinar | Beyond Passwordless: Identity as the New Perimeter

Encryption & Key Management , Identity & Access Management , Multi-factor & Risk-based Authentication

Live Webinar | Beyond Passwordless: Identity as the New Perimeter

The concept of “identity is the perimeter” is not new. However, COVID-19 has accelerated the transformation of workforce identity management, forcing organizations to navigate a new reality sooner than expected.

Whether or not they were prepared for it, more organizations are working remotely and utilizing SaaS tools. They are finding that the cloud is their new data center, any device can be considered a work device, and the internet is their new network. The physical workplace has disintegrated and led to a new perimeter: identity.

In this webinar, we will discuss three things to consider when securing this perimeter:

  • Eliminate insecure passwords to substantially reduce the attack surface
  • Implement continuous risk-based auth to adjust to new risk-based signals on the fly
  • Procure a detailed view into who is coming and going in the new perimeter to simplify compliance and improve threat hunting capabilities

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