Live Event: CISO Perspectives on Distributed Workforce and Post-pandemic Enterprise

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Live Event: CISO Perspectives on Distributed Workforce and Post-pandemic Enterprise

The distributed workforce, combined with the need to modernize and improve operational efficiency, has reframed digital transformation priorities and introduced new areas of risk to today’s enterprise. In light of ongoing macroeconomic demands, the CISO is facing increasing pressure to deliver value.

If organizations fail to establish new digital transformation strategies to secure their distributed workforce, they could increase chance of successful attacks, fall into non-compliance and suffer financial and reputational losses. Conversely, organizations could focus on the wrong areas of cybersecurity, wasting precious resources on ineffective solutions. For CISO’s, walking this tightrope in 2021 will be an ongoing challenge.

Register now for this unique, interactive event when we will share the results of ISMG and Skybox Security’s new Global Distributed Workforce Survey and discuss the following, including:

  • How confident are security leaders in maintaining a holistic view of their organization’s attack surface?
  • What risks are most concerning about the increased hybrid model of working?
  • How confident are security leaders that changes were properly validated so as not to lead to security issues?
  • What trade-offs were made in terms of deprioritizing certain organizational policies order to enable the remote workforce?

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