Improving Data Governance During the COVID-19 Crisis

To ensure data is protected, business units must work closely with IT and security specialists to resolve data governance issues that are emerging during the COVID-19 crisis, says Sydney-based Prashant Haldankar, CISO at Privasec, an IT governance, compliance and privacy consultancy. Key issues include addressing the challenge of shadow IT and managing a remote workforce.

“In organizations that are not mature in data governance, there is a gap between IT and the business,” he says. “IT is not close to the business [leaders] in understanding what their requirements are. Then the business [leaders] might feel it is too hard to go and talk to IT and get them to agree on things that we need to do. So let’s do things on our own.”

In this interview (see audio link below image) with Information Security Media Group, Haldankar also discusses:

  • Technologies to be used to tackle data governance issue;
  • Why data governance continues to be a challenge;
  • How organizations can create a “co-governance” model.

Haldankar, CISO at Privasec, has more than 15 years of experience in IT and information security. He has previously worked in various senior roles for government, companies and consulting firms across APAC to establish and implement information security strategies and frameworks.

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