Improving BGP routing security by minding your MANRS

Finding out after the fact that a big chunk of your internet traffic has been incorrectly routed through a server in China due to Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing security issues is….not great. Want to stop that from happening? Tough one. It’s an age-old — or rather, internet-old — problem, and no single enterprise can prevent this on its own.

How do you solve a collective action problem? By acting collectively.

That’s the idea behind the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) project. Developed by the Internet Society (ISOC), and listing 204 network operators (ISPs) and 35 internet exchange points (IXPs) as members so far, plus newcomers Google and Microsoft, this coalition of the willing seeks to prevent BGP security issues that affect interdomain routing among autonomous systems.

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