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Awareness is key

There are many statutory, regulatory and elective compliance standards. ITSecurity.Org have worked with all of the security related standards and can deliver cost-effectively, flexibly according to business requirements. Choose the specific compliance requirement below for more information on how we can deliver for you.


The Information Security Management Systems Standards (ISMS).


The more detailed Information Security Management Systems Standards (ISMS).


The EU requirements for privacy and data protection.


The standard for Business Continuity.


Standard for merchants taking electronic payments.

Data Protection Act 1998/2018

The UK statutory requirements for Data Protection.

Delivery throughout the compliance life cycle

To keep operations running smoothly, you need to be compliant in every aspect of your business. We help business owners understand how to be compliant and empower their employees to follow and understand the most up-to-date rules and regulations. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Accessible documentation including policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and training.

Defined Processes

Tailored processes aligned with your business and internal practices.

Security audits

Audit preparation and support to ensure your business passes compliance requirements.

Bespoke training

Specialised training for your business, targeting all areas regardless of role.

Run a better business

One of the most important aspects around Data Protection is training personnel to be compliant and remain compliant. people are often the weakest link with 35% of all incidents caused through personnel whether deliberately or accidentally. This is why it is so important to your organisation to ensure that your personnel receive the compliance training that they need.


It all comes down to retaining knowledge. We give businesses training in the ever-changing world of compliance. Helping you stay up to date and address changes before they become problems.

  • Wide range of resources specific to your organisation: documentation, videos, photos, images, PowerPoint slides and quizzes are just a few ways we can help. 
  • We can turn all your resource into an engaging educational training product.
  • Integration into your Learning Management System (LMS) using our Moodle publishing platform or your training can be hosted on our training platform.

Transform the way you manage your business

With us, you can skip the headache and be confident that your business is compliant. We take the pressure off of you and guide you through the compliance life-cycle one step at a time.

data protection officer

We have a proven track record of successful delivery with a wide range of clients.

  • Across different industries and all size organisations, meeting specific business objectives and goals.
  • Methodologies, tools, processes and documents off-the-shelf to save you cost, time and effort in achieving your compliance requirements.
  • Experienced consultants that have successfully delivered in challenging environments.
  • Delivering only what you need, saving costs, time and effort.

We have a proven track record of successful delivery with a wide range of clients.

  • Delivery across all, or part of, the compliance life-cycle.
  • Delivery of bespoke requirements.
  • Friendly and accessible engagement.
  • Entirely focused on delivering according to your business objectives.

Our approach

We are flexible and modular. This means that we can flex and size according to your business requirements.



We understand your business objectives and engage with the stakeholders and customers that have a vested interest in compliance and can help with successful delivery.



Having understood your business objectives we are in a position to present what success looks like. We take on-board comments and modify as a result. The outcome is a strategy and plan for successful delivery.



We then can present the working methodologies, tools, processes, documents and training to implement your compliance requirements.


Auditing and Monitor

We can now support you in the final audit being available to present the audit on your behalf or to lend assistance.

As a result of the audit, any further improvements can be quickly and easily implemented.

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