How Apps Open the Door to Bots

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Eddie Doyle of Check Point Research on the Growing Threat

Eddie Doyle, global security strategist, Check Point Research

The user-friendly aspects of apps can enable malicious bots to infiltrate, says Eddie Doyle of Check Point Research, who offers insights on addressing the issue.

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In a video interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Fraud and Breach Summit in Washington, Doyle discusses:

  • How the growing app economy provides a new channel for malicious bots to infiltrate and thrive;
  • Why 5G networks will further compound the issue;
  • Whether this can be fixed, or if bot attacks are simply the new normal in the age of IoT.

Doyle, global security strategist at Check Point Research, a unit of Check Point Software Technologies, has a particular interest in educating people to become human firewalls in the combat against social engineering.

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