Gula Tech Foundation to Award $1M in Grants to Infosec Nonprofits

The first Gula Tech Foundation competitive grant program will focus on increasing African American engagement in cybersecurity.

Technology investment firm Gula Tech Adventures today announced the launch of the Gula Tech Foundation, which plans to award $1 million in competitive grants to nonprofits in the cybersecurity space several times throughout the year. 

The organization’s first competitive grant program will open on Jan. 4, 2021, with a focus on increasing African American engagement in cybersecurity. Starting that day, nonprofit programs that focus on education, training, scholarships, mentorship, and professional development for African Americans in security are invited to complete a grant request.

In February, the foundation’s advisory board will choose the top three cybersecurity nonprofits it considers most impactful to the African American community and award grants of $500,000, $300,000, and $200,000. The advisory board comprises 29 members who are well-known experts in both cybersecurity and nonprofits.

Gula Tech Adventures, founded by cybersecurity entrepreneurs Ron and Cyndi Gula, invests in security companies and nonprofits, and works closely with finance, government, education, and intelligence organizations. Since 2017 they’ve invested in industry startups including Automox, Cybrary, and Huntress, and funds such as DataTribe, Inner Loop Capital, and Forgepoint Capital. 

Read the full release for more details.

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