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From DHS/US-CERT’s National Vulnerability Database

PUBLISHED: 2020-12-11

This affects the package ini before 1.3.6. If an attacker submits a malicious INI file to an application that parses it with ini.parse, they will pollute the prototype on the application. This can be exploited further depending on the context.

PUBLISHED: 2020-12-11

This affects the package spatie/browsershot from 0.0.0. By specifying a URL in the file:// protocol an attacker is able to include arbitrary files in the resultant PDF.

PUBLISHED: 2020-12-11

This affects all versions of package mout. The deepFillIn function can be used to ‘fill missing properties recursively’, while the deepMixIn ‘mixes objects into the target object, recursively mixing existing child objects as well’. In both cases, the key used to access the target object recursively …

PUBLISHED: 2020-12-11

This affects the package node-notifier before 9.0.0. It allows an attacker to run arbitrary commands on Linux machines due to the options params not being sanitised when being passed an array.

PUBLISHED: 2020-12-11

The ultimate-category-excluder plugin before 1.2 for WordPress allows ultimate-category-excluder.php CSRF.

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