Galaxy S11+ renders show off world’s most disorganized camera array

OnLeaks showed off renders of the Galaxy S11 a few days ago, and now he has teamed up with CashKaro to show off renders of Samsung’s bigger phone, the Galaxy S11+. As usual, these are unofficial renders, but they’re based on CAD drawings, and in the past they’ve been very accurate.

You’d normally expect the Galaxy S11+ to look just like the Galaxy S11 that was shown off earlier, but Samsung is doing something, uh, special, for the camera bump on this bigger model. Not only is it one of the biggest camera bumps of all time, housing a whopping five camera lenses, it also has a totally wild, disorganized design: nothing is horizontally or vertically aligned with anything else. The camera lenses, flash, and sensors are just kind of randomly distributed around the camera bump area. It certainly looks unique, but I’m not sure that’s “unique” in a good way.

The only caveat with these renders is that the report says the placement of the LED flash is “still not confirmed,” but it sounds like the cameras are going in their random positions.

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