Firewatch developer’s next game “on hold” after Valve acquisition

The 2017 announcement video for In the Valley of the Gods, which is now “on hold” as a Valve project.

Fans of 2017 indie forest exploration title Firewatch (including us) have been excited for developer Campo Santo’s next project, the Egyptian-influenced In the Valley of Gods, since it was announced in late 2017. Those fans got even more excited when Valve acquired Campo Santo in 2018, suggesting big things were in the works from both companies ahead of the game’s planned 2019 release.

But with 2019 drawing to a close, and with 19 months of radio silence regarding the game’s progress, Campo Santo fans began to worry that In the Valley of Gods had joined a long list of canceled Valve game projects. Those worries heightened when a number of Campo Santo developers removed all mention of In the Valley of the Gods from their Twitter profiles following last month’s announcement of Half-Life: Alyx.

This week, Campo Santo cofounder Jake Rodkin confirmed some of those fears to Polygon, saying that development of In the Valley of Gods is officially “on hold,” but it “certainly feels like a project people can and may return to.” As he put it in a statement:

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