eSentire Annual Threat Intelligence Report: 2019 Perspectives and 2020 Predictions

Eliminate guesswork and get in-depth insights and practical recommendations for navigating the ever-changing cybercrime landscape. This data-laden, incident-rich report delivers insider information on the players, their motivations, tactics and targets so you can make informed security strategy decisions.

eSentire Annual Threat Intelligence Report

Key insights include:

  • Decade-old, state-funded espionage campaigns are still actively collecting from unwittingly compromised organizations.
  • Organized cybercrime is reaching new heights of social organization and role differentiation to bypass initial access controls.
  • Cloud phishing campaigns abuse inter-cloud infrastructure trust.
  • Credentials obtained from phishing are a stealthy initial access vector that require sophisticated analysis to detect.

Read the report to learn what attacks are targeting mid-sized organizations and the security strategies you need to safeguard your business.

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