Dive deep into the world of cyber attackers at the CyberThreat Summit

Find everything you need to know to stay one step ahead with SANS next month

Promo Hosted by the UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and training specialist SANS Institute, the two-day CyberThreat Summit 2019 in London this autumn is a highly informative technical event bringing together security practitioners from the UK and Europe.

SANS CTO James Lyne, who will speak at this year’s summit, shared why he thinks security professionals should attend: “CyberThreat is so important because it brings together people of all ages, of all backgrounds, who spend their time reverse engineering malware, finding exploits, and doing hands-on work to get better together. When I started as a security researcher, I wasn’t doing it as a job, I was a fourteen year old who was interested in binary exploitation and finding flaws – I didn’t know I could get paid for this!”

A packed two-day schedule, spanning Monday, November 25 to Tuesday, November 26, encompasses inspiring presentations and case studies from top industry experts covering the full range of the latest attack methods, security tools, and defensive techniques.

Here are some of the detailed presentations listed on the agenda so far:

Need for Plead: BlackTech pursuit A technical analysis by PwC of how espionage threat actor BlackTech has become more sophisticated using samples of the Plead malware family.

DNS: from hijacking to intelligence apparatus building NCSC insiders look at the techniques and tactics of a DNS espionage campaign in 2018 and 2019.

APT Bingo: Mapping the DNA of the Bronze Union threat group Secureworks presents a blueprint of China-based Bronze Union’s network intrusions from its clashes with the group during a period of nearly three years.

Tactics, techniques and procedures of the world’s most dangerous attackers The talk includes an analysis of the tactics, techniques, and procedures of Sednit, the group reportedly responsible for the Democratic National Committee hack that affected the US 2016 elections.

The case of the great firewall The Sherlock Holmes-themed story of how Cisco investigated a customer’s lack of connectivity, and the tools and methods it used.

In addition to presentations from world-renowned cyber-security experts and rising industry stars, CyberThreat 2019 features many hands-on opportunities for delegates in the form of CTF events, team problem solving and “hackathon” challenges against some of the latest devices and products. Attendees will also attempt the interactive hackable badge challenge, designed to test one’s skills across a variety of disciplines. The CyberThreat badge is also your guide for the duration of the event containing schedules, speaker bios, and more.

You can find more information, including additions to the schedule as they appear right here.

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