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The enormous impact of GDPR to most of the organisations around the globe has made a shortage of expert individuals who can act as DPO. The expertise, education and its unique combination is tough to find. The human resources that fulfil these requirements are costly and not affordable by small or medium sized companies.

In such scenarios Virtual DPO is the best cost effective solution to handle compliance and data protection activities. Outsourcing the complexities of GDPR to a virtual DPO helps you focus on your core operations. It also helps bring the expertise of industry experts at fraction of cost. Introduction of virtual DPO at the start of GDPR compliance program is essential so that complete program is built on industry best practices. It also delivers the freedom and autonomy for conducting effective data protection impact assessments without any prejudice.

ITSecurity brings the expertise of industry best, certified specialists to act as your Virtual DPO.

Data commitment

Implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has set multiple requirements for businesses of any size regarding protection of personal data. In order to ensure organizations from small to large take data protection seriously, GDPR requires the role of DPO (Data Protection Officer).

GDPR defines the:


Data commitment

In simple words, DPO is the champion and advocate for GDPR requirements with excellent compliance, information security and data protection expertise. At a leadership positions DPO is bestowed with multiple responsibilities.


data protection officer

Some of the key responsibilities are:


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