Cyber AI: Securing Cities from Tomorrow's Cyber-Threats

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Cyber AI: Securing Cities from Tomorrow's Cyber-Threats

Billions of internet-connected devices and the introduction of 5G are transforming the way cities and municipalities care for their citizens. However, this rapid digitization has made many crucial public services, previously isolated from the internet, new victims of attack. Increasingly backed by nation-states, criminal rings are leveraging the latest developments in basic machine learning to augment their attacks, increasing efficiency while reducing their chances of detection at every stage of an attack. Security teams now face an unprecedented challenge in defending these critical environments, and they can no longer rely on outdated defense methods.

Join Dave Masson, Director of Enterprise Cyber Security at Darktrace and Craig Brown, Chief Innovation Officer of the City of Westland, as they explain how artificial intelligence can detect and respond to cyber-threats targeting the public sector.

View this webinar to learn:

  • How cyber-criminals are undermining critical national infrastructure
  • Why conventional security tools cannot defend these bespoke environments
  • How Autonomous Response AI neutralizes advanced cyber-attacks in seconds

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