CERIAS Researcher wins NSF Early Career Development Award

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – (Purdue News Service) Three Purdue
University faculty members in the College of Engineering won 2017
Faculty Early Career Development awards from the National Science
Foundation, one of the most prestigious NSF honors for outstanding
young researchers.

The NSF issued awards to 156 Early Career researchers as part of
the NSF Engineering Directorate. Purdue’s recipients were: Joyce
Main, Shreyas Sundaram (CERIAS) and Michael Sangid.


Toward Secure Large-Scale Networked Systems: Resilient
Distributed Algorithms for Coordination in Networks under Cyber

Sundaram, assistant professor of electrical and computer
engineering, will research the problem of large-scale networked
systems under threat from sophisticated cyber-attacks that can
compromise some of the components and cause them to behave
erratically or inject malicious information into the network. The
proposed research will lead to a greater understanding of the
fundamental factors that affect the resilience of distributed
optimization, learning, and estimation dynamics, and establish
systematic procedures to design large-scale networked systems that
are capable of operating in a near-optimal manner under attacks.
Given the lack of existing work on this topic, the research will
lay the groundwork for substantial further explorations of
resilient algorithms for distributed decision-making and
coordination in large-scale networks.

His NSF award description is available at

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