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Critical Flaws Put Dell Wyse Thin Client Devices at Risk

Researchers: Vulnerabilities Could Allow Remote Code Execution, Files Access
Researchers at CyberMDX have uncovered two significant vulnerabilities in certain Dell Wyse thin client devices that, if exploited, could allow threat actors to remotely run malicious code and access files on affected devices.

EU Launches Decryption Tool for Law Enforcement

Move Seen as Alternative to Weakening Encryption
Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, and the European Commission are launching a new decryption platform to help law enforcement agencies decrypt data that has been obtained as part of a criminal investigation, a move seen as an alternative to weakening encryption.

Other Tech Firms Back Facebook’s Lawsuit Against NSO Group

Microsoft, Google, Cisco and VMware File a Brief in Spyware Case
Several tech giants, including Microsoft, Google, Cisco and VMware, have filed a brief backing Facebook’s lawsuit against Israel-based spyware firm NSO Group, which has been accused of hacking into Facebook-owned WhatsApp’s instant messaging app to enable spying by the company’s clients.

Police Dismantle Cybercrime ‘Bulletproof Hosting Service’

Authorities Shut Down VPN That Supported Illegal Operations
The FBI, Europol and other law enforcement agencies shut down a virtual private network Tuesday that was providing a “bulletproof hosting service” that allowed cybercriminals to conduct illegal operations, including ransomware attacks, while remaining hidden from police.

Tech’s bigger role in pharma industry demands stronger security measures

For healthcare and pharmaceutical IT professionals, the launch of Amazon Pharmacy in late November signaled the acceleration of digitized pharma. But Amazon’s move into prescription fulfillment and delivery should be seen as part of a broader trend. As technology companies big and small move to disrupt healthcare, companies along the pharmaceutical supply chain will need to adapt in order to succeed (and keep succeeding). With new data showing half of all baby boomers now ordering … More

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