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Open Identity Exchange CEO Nick Mothershaw on the Global Outlook

Nick Mothershaw, chair and executive director, Open Identity Exchange

Implementing trusted digital IDs will create benefits for end users as well as service providers, says Nick Mothershaw, chair and executive director at the Open Identity Exchange, which is working to accelerate the adoption of digital identity services based on open standards. But widespread international adoption of such IDs will take time to achieve, he acknowledges.

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“Establishing international mutual trust is a journey,” Mothershaw says. “We are focusing on getting it right country by country and then building international operability.”

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group, Mothershaw discusses:

  • How the exchange is working to develop and register trust frameworks;
  • How the UK financial sector is embracing the use of digital identities for ID validation and verification;
  • Emerging IAM technologies and initiatives.

Mothershaw is chair and executive director at the Open Identity Exchange. He is also program manager and consultant to the TISA Digital ID Project, which is creating a trust scheme to allow financial services firms to use a digital ID as proof of ID for “know your customer” purposes. Mothershaw previously was director of ID and fraud solutions at Experian.

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