Broadcom merger review

Fake news is spread in the market like the storm and it is something that hampers the credibility of the companies. One such incident has happened recently where the market got the news that the merger of the Broadcom has some security review issues and therefore it was called off by the government. The fact of the matter is that there is no such news that has been issued. Above all, a document has also been issued in this regard. It is very important to note that the investors of the company were also stunned once they heard the news.

The DoD department in this regard has issued a statement that it is all forged and therefore the documents are not to be believed at all. Even the CFIUS has also called this news fake and there is no security review that is taking place. There are many issues with the companies in the markets. Some are known and are unknown. It is highly advised to never trust fake news and therefore it is very important that such news is verified.

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