Bertino Part of Collaboration Between U.S., U.K. Governments, Industry and Academia

12-12-2016 Writer(s): Kristyn Childres

Professor Elisa
is part of an $80 million consortium between IBM, the
U.S. Army Research Laboratory, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of
Defense, and leading partners from industry and academia, including

The Distributed Analytics and Information Science International
Technology Alliance (DAIS ITA) will develop fundamental research
required to enable secure, dynamic, semantically aware, distributed
analytics for situational understanding in coalition

The goal of the alliance is to improve coalition operations for
military operations such as disaster relief and reconstruction. The
research vision is to define the scientific theory required to
build a distributed coalition intelligence to help rapidly formed
teams make best use of human and machine processing capabilities
when they are distributed at the edge of the network, for example
in devices, sensors and people. The project’s kickoff took place
last week in the United Kingdom.

Professor Bertino will focus on designing novel policy models
and mechanisms that are critical for governing large-scale
coalition systems involving different types of agents, including
human users, robots, drones and autonomous vehicles. The envisioned
policy models and mechanisms will allow one to provide guidelines
and constraints for collaborative agents to carry out their
missions, while at the same time allowing for flexibility required
by agents when dealing with unforeseen contexts and situations.

Bertino said, “Today any mission we may think of, from cyber
defense to humanitarian relief, involves a large variety of
organizations and actors, often from many different countries. Big
data, distributed analytics and collaborative distributed platforms
are a critical tool to ensure mission success. This project will
develop all the necessary technical and sociological foundations to
harness the power of big data to ensure the success of today’s and
tomorrow’s collaborative missions across organizations, actors and

In addition to Purdue University, project partners include IBM;
the University of California, Los Angeles; University of
Massachusetts Amherst; Penn State University; Raytheon BBN
Technologies; Stanford University; Yale University; Airbus Group;
BAE Systems; Cardiff University, Wales; Imperial College London;
University of Southampton, England; and University College

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