Ensuring a secure future for your business

IT Security.org brings together all your people, data, and systems into an aligned structure for a digitally-secure business.

The power of security

We provide a highly efficient service through understanding your needs and budget. Utilising proven methods that meet current legislation and data protection requirements, we can provide tailored frameworks suited to your business.

friendly support

We're here to give you advice with a variety of ways for you to reach us. Give us a call or drop us a message.


We only provide the services, plans, tools, techniques & documentation that you need.

tailored frameworks

Why re-invent the wheel? We provide some of the most effective security tools and documents.

Speedy delivery

Our consultants have many years experience of successfully delivering across all of IT Security, Information Security, Compliance and Risk Management. You can trust us to be able to deliver.

project management

Effective integration

When we deliver for you, we always have an understanding of the implications on the business and on other areas of security upon another and the consequences. We can help you to avoid the pitfalls.

How we can help you

We pride ourselves with flexibility and attention to detail. This alone puts us at the top. As well as our great solutions, we have even better customer support. A company you can truly rely on. 

Cost effective

Why hire expensive security or risk professionals for permanent or long-term roles when you can call us to provide support and solutions to you for a fraction of the cost.

Expert consultants

We have expert qualified consultants available that have built careers in IT and Information Security.

Targeted solutions

All of our tools and techniques are carefully designed with one thing in mind; to provide you with a specific solution to your security problem.

Security frameworks

We can provide solutions for all security requirements, big or small, such as establishing a security framework and conducting comprehensive penetration tests.

World class support

We take an eclectic approach in our support. That means that we take the very best from the best.

Modular & synergistic

Save time and money. Each domain is critical in its own right. We can provide support and services to you throughout your IT Security life-cycle.

Empowering business to do more with security

From compliance and data protection to expert consultancy, the quality of our services are second to none. We make sure you get the attention your business deserves.

data protection

Over 50 services to choose from. Protect your business using our high quality professionally designed frameworks, using our expertise in the industry to create targeted solutions just for you.


We can help you utilise the products in your organisation, such as re-phrasing the content, adding logos and internal links.

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We have a wide range of services available that not only save you time, but also save you money on your business security.

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Did you know that we also provide training services? The training we provide extends throughout the entire security cycle.

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