Analysis: Why Regulators Got Tough With H&M

The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report analyzes why clothing retailer H&M was hit with a hefty fine for violating the EU’s General Data Protection Rule.

In this report, you’ll hear (click on player beneath image to listen):

  • ISMG’s Mathew Schwartz analyze why privacy regulators singled out H&M for a hefty fine;
  • Tony Craddock, director general of the Emerging Payments Association, highlight the imperative for digital identities;
  • Alissa “Dr. Jay” Abdullah, senior vice president and deputy CSO at Mastercard, outline her security priorities for 2021.

The ISMG Security Report appears on this and other ISMG websites on Fridays. Don’t miss the Sept. 25 and Oct. 2 editions, which respectively discuss whether Darknet markets are here to stay and McAfee’s Planned IPO.

Theme music for the ISMG Security Report is by Ithaca Audio under a Creative Commons license.

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