2020: The Year of Zero Trust?

“Zero Trust” is rapidly transitioning from a marketing buzzword to a practical methodology for protecting today’s decentralized, cloud-based information systems. But the phrase doesn’t mean “trust nothing.” Stan Lowe, global CISO with Zscaler, explains that zero trust is instead a more robust set of checks and balances based on a number of criteria.

“The idea is essentially granting access after you done some form of validation, whether it be validation of the device, the individual’s identity, the access methodology, the sensitivity or the criticality of the data,” Lowe says.

In this installment in a series of “2020 Visions” interviews with thought leaders about trends in the new year (see audio link below photo), Lowe discusses:

  • The zero trust evolution;
  • Why “zero trust” doesn’t mean “trust nothing” ;
  • Zscaler’s 2020 zero trust initiatives ;

Lowe, a cybersecurity and technology executive, has successfully led transformational change in large, complex environments, as well as small and mid-size cybersecurity and IT organizations. As Zscaler Global Chief Information Security Officer, Lowe oversees the security of the Zscaler enterprise and works with the product and operations groups to ensure that Zscaler products and services are secure.

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